Monday, January 4, 2010

A Good Lover Is A Hilarious Clown

Clown..Selalu memeriah kan ap2 event..Macam2 bakat yang boleh wat seseorg 2 tersenyum..Buat belon, magic and melawak..But x semua org suka badut..Some of them are afraid of clown. But seorang badut yg bgs x penah ad niat utk menakutkan org or buat org sedey..Cuba tanye derang, rata2 derang nak wat org keliling derang feel happy.. N pernah x terfikir, dalam happy2 kan org, derang sendri terseksa..Pkai mekap tebal2, berdiri tgh2 panas nak panggil org ramai, terpaksa wat gila2, kostum tebal ibarat mini sauna..But derang x kisah, as long derang dapat wat anda tersenyum..

Well, lately, in fantasy, the Clown was me. Dari keras kepala, x reti tolerate n x phm bhs..I learned to be a gud lover..2 make sure yg I can entertain that person n buat dia rase warm n happy with me..I met some1 called ‘Cinderella’..Actually I met Cind in 2008..But no luck 4 me, dia just ignore my msj..But something called ‘takdir’ I guess temukan ktrg a year later..After exchanged phone number..Ktrg decided 2 meet..The date was going well.. A day later I made a confession ..Cind jwb ‘Saya bukan jenis kenal 2 3 hari then kapel’..Dia x bg pn jwpn either dia like me or not..Just a statement yg ak phm..Kita kne kenal msg2 dlu..Then baru naik another Level..So I agreed with that deal..

Sepanjang ktrg kenal, dia explained, dia bukan jenis suka sms,call n jenis angin..So, 2 be a good lover..we have to make lots of sacrifices..Then ak ajar diri ak, jgn nak sms dia sgt, jgn nak call dia sgt, n once dia dh ckp dia xde mood, jgn kacau dia..Hahaha..That was funny, sgt2 la bukan ak..But what 2 do..To make people love us back, we need to be an understanding person.. Ktrg jarang jumpa, sgt jarang..Coz dia sgt2 bz..So klu jumpa pn atas keputusan dia..Ad skali, dia ajak lunch same..Oh god, time 2 I was supper dupper Happy..Cind nak lunch ngan ak!! Haha..So bla jumpa 2, the fairytale has started back.. The same smiles, same looks, same fragrance..So Cind!! It made me smile..

Till today, The Sweet dream has turned to Terrifying Nightmare..Ak baca Status YM Cind..Bunyi cam dia dah fell in love..I was expecting it should be me..But, goodbye day dreamer, the princess is not urs..Cind is belong to some1 who stay in Kedah..And they got to known each other way longer than Prince Goodbye Love.. So after all these days, Danial Shariffuddin is not more that just a pair of spare Glasses Shoes.. Or I’m just a booty call..Hmm..Walaupun ktrg just knl dlm couple of months or less than that, but why dia x bgtau ak yg dia tgh tnggu some1, so boleh la ak off to Puteri Beradu ke, Dayang Senandong ke, Fatimah Hatontaik ke..It just, embarrassed me..Selama ni ak msj romantik2, care kat dia..Oh My Prada, I was parked my car at the wrong Parking Lot..

So ak baru sedar sekarang..I’m a Clown..Try to make Cinderella happy..Ikot je flow dia, changed to different side of me…Created a new person that deserve to called The Clown.. Any uneasy feelings, I putted its aside..I believed that finally I met The true Person..But, I just a Clown, what to do.. ‘As long kita happy, buat ap nak pk psl ap perasaan Clown tu’..But, ak x pnah menyesal jd Clown coz, at least ap yg ak ubah diri ak selama ni, semua 2 utk kebaikan ak n being Clown is good..Making people smiles..I wish I could be a great Clown to my Family n Friends ..and I know, ak di pihak yg btol.

Cinderella, if u read this, u were forgiven..I’m not mad at u anymore..Thanks 4 those sweet memories..At least, I got the opportunities to experiencing all those fantasies I had in my mind b4..Better have something than nothing..I was enjoying the times that we had..Hope u are happy with ur new Prince n we can have a cup of coffee together as a friend someday ..Ap yg saya taip kat atas 2 just luahan yg ad dlm hati saya and sorry 4 that..

Lotsa TQ goes to my truly understanding friends..Among Hundreds on Facebook, unfortunately few je yg bg kata2 semangat.. So after dis, I will try to be choosy in finding goof friends..For Hi-Bye friends, no catch needed..Thanks 4 read this, pray 4 me a gud future..And the pray will come to u back :p It’s Karma..

Ur truly Clown - Danial Shariffuddin Mon 04/01/2009 11.00pm

P/s : Still teringat video Cinderella nyanyi lagu 'Memori Cinta Luka' that nite